EL7 / CentOS 7 support


I have 4 smart proxies on top of the main Foreman/Katello server running on CentOS 7 and 300+ VMs attached to them. That setup took weeks to get up and running and stable!

The EL7 / CentOS 7 support dropping is giving me nightmares…

Considering CentOS 8 is EOL by the end of 2021 it makes 0 sense to go that route…
Is CentOS Stream a reliable, viable alternative to set up Foreman/Katello?
What about Alma Linux and Rock Linux?

Are we being pushed towards Redhat EL8?

Apart from re-doing all of it from scratch is there any other options for migration?

Running Foreman on EL7
Foreman 2.1 introduced EL8 support and Katello 4.0 (on Foreman 2.4) followed. While it’s currently undecided when EL7 support will be dropped exactly, this is an early notice given the considerable number of EL7 deployments. For fresh installations, it is advisable to install on EL8. Existing installations should start thinking about a migration plan.

Note that this support statement refers to running Foreman and Foreman Smart Proxy themselves on EL7. Managing EL7 hosts remains supported. See the RFC for more information.
CentOS 8 Stream
Architectures: x86_64 only
The RPM packages are built on CentOS Linux 8, but tested to work also on CentOS 8 Stream
EPEL 8 is incompatible, enabling will cause package dependency issue.


I have been using Stream for Foreman for a while now and I don’t have any issue (Other then the person at the keyboard). The one thing I will note is that CentOS8 and CentOS8 Stream, Forman is incompatible with EPEL 8 so when you update you system or Foreman it may cause package dependency issues. But other then that both CentOS Stream and Foreman have been stable in my environment.