EL7 deprecation

Picking up from my comment here I wonder about the best “migration plan” for an existing, supported katello/foreman installation on EL7 to EL8 (or even EL9 possibly).

While I understand that for a plain foreman installation setting up a new server and re-registering clients to the new server is feasible, I don’t see this for a katello server. The general server related configuration (products, repositories, sync plans, content views, environments, etc.) is one thing which could be recreated (best probably using ansible) but for the client host related I have my problems: each host has an individual lifecycle environment, content view, set of subscriptions and repositories enabled and as far as I understand they are defined on the katello server side and thus cannot simply be recreated from puppet or ansible facts.

So it’s my understanding this needs to be recreated from a backup but on the other hand using the backup/restore for system migration hasn’t really been tested well either, which makes me worry this might yet be another major project after the whole pulp migration issues.

Or am I missing something?

I’m concerned here as well. We’re on CentOS7 so will need to make some decision too. I tend to have issues with any Foreman/Katello upgrade let alone a major migration to a different distribution on a new server. I’ve spent the last 3 days after my upgrade dealing with fairly major issues - and still have some minor ones. This doesn’t bode well for moving off CentOS 7. We’ve standardized on Ubuntu 20.04 as our OS now.