Email spam for tasks

I am receiving 20x emails after the foreman tasks run, specifically the “check for long running tasks” It is erroring out giving:
SMTP To address may not be blank: SMTP To address may not be blank: SMTP To address may not be blank:

I am assuming there is somewhere additional to set the To address for that task, but appear to be missing that?

Expected outcome:
Task to complete without error
Foreman and Proxy versions:
Version 3.8
Foreman and Proxy plugin versions:
Version 3.8

Distribution and version:

Other relevant data:

Hi, a fix for this went out in foreman-tasks-8.2.1. I can’t promise you an exact date when it will land in 3.8 repos, but it should be in the foreseeable future. Sadly there is no real workaround at the moment.


Thanks for the reply and info!

@aruzicka Reviewed and merged the RPM and DEB. Not sure when they will get pushed to the repository, but they are a step closer now. Should I do the same with 8.1.4 for 3.7 as it seems like it is a different change there?

@loki You did not put in the Distribution information, so I am not sure which operating system you need the packages for. If it is EL8, they are available at buildArch (rubygem-foreman-tasks-8.2.1-1.fm3_8.el8.src.rpm, noarch) | Task Info | koji if you can not wait for the packages to hit the repositories.

Thank you. If you could do the same thing for 8.1.4 and 3.7 it would be great. It should contain the same things, but cherry-picked onto a 3.7-compatible base.

Did so for RPM, not sure about the changelog for DEB so had to leave this to Evgeni.

Edit: And he merged it, so all is merged!

Thank you both! I’m running EL8 so I’ll grab the release.