Empty report generated by plugin foreman_rh_cloud

Inventory report generated by plugin foreman_rh_cloud is empty despite fact that there are hundreds of registered hosts.

Complete content of metadata.json is following (237 Bytes)

{"report_id": "fcdbecdf-e6de-41cb-879c-d5e525dbdc04","host_inventory_api_version": "1.0","source": "Satellite","reporting_host_name": "anonymized_hostname.com","source_metadata": {"foreman_rh_cloud_version":"9.0.53"},"report_slices": {}}

Expected outcome:
Complete report uploaded to Red Hat Hybrid Cloud Console.
Problem can be caused by lack of knowledge but there is almost no documentation for foreman_rh_cloud.

Foreman and Proxy versions:

Foreman and Proxy plugin versions:

Distribution and version:
RHEL 8.9

Other relevant data:

I, [2024-02-14T16:27:17.175943 #58154] INFO – : Started generating hosts report in /tmp/d20240214-58154-7s8xa

I, [2024-02-14T16:27:17.347492 #58154] INFO – : Report generation finished

I, [2024-02-14T16:27:17.347523 #58154] INFO – : Archiving generated report

I, [2024-02-14T16:27:17.353019 #58154] INFO – : tar: ./


I, [2024-02-14T16:27:17.353270 #58154] INFO – : Report archived successfully

Successfully generated /var/lib/foreman/red_hat_inventory/generated_reports/report_for_1.tar.xz for organization id 1

production.log (29.3 KB)

Will start to take a look today, do you have the automatic inventory upload setting enabled? If you goto configure → RH_Cloud it should be a toggle on the right hand side.

I don’t see any traffic to insights from the production.log you uploaded. Also, on your client can you run insights-client --checkin then upload the production.log snippet please?

Thank you for hint about insight-client. After enabling Katello parameter “host_registration_insights” full report is generated and sent. Now I can see all registered hosts in Insights Inventory https://console.redhat.com/insights/inventory

However primary goal is to get Subscription Usage report in https://console.redhat.com/subscriptions/usage/rhel which is still empty. Without knowledge of subscription usage we can’t afford Simple Content Access. What should I check now?

Now I can see also subscription usage in https://console.redhat.com/subscriptions/usage/rhel
It seems that sync between Insights and Subscription Usage takes few hours.