Enabling Grub2 UEFI HTTP ("Manual configuration is needed")

I’m trying to switch from TFTP to HTTP for UEFI (we’re having a lot of issues around TFTP on our development network and are hoping this will work better). I’ve manually enabled this in foreman-proxy/settings.d/httpboot.yml and restarted, but whenever I try to choose “Grub2 UEFI HTTP” for PXE loader, I get “Warning: This combination of loader and OS might not be able to boot. Manual configuration is needed.”

I am able to select Grub2 UEFI and PXELinux Bios, but that’s all. What have I neglected to do so that Grub2 UEFI HTTP becomes selectable and works as expected?

I do have a proxy running (on this same server) which has httpboot among its active features. In fact, it manges DHCP, HTTPBoot, Logs, Registration and TFTP.

But when I select Grub2 UEFI HTTP and ignore the warning, then attempt to save the change, I see this in the logs:

2021-10-19T11:09:02 [I|app|fcaf6107] ERF42-7843 [Foreman::Exception]: HTTP UEFI boot requires proxy with httpboot feature

and then a stack trace.

Is the proxy also selected for the subnet?

Aha! I didn’t see that a new value had appeared on the Subnet proxy page. Thank you!

Yes, the select box will only be shown if at least one proxy with the feature is available, so quite easy to not find this.

Did this fix it including the warning be gone?

If yes, I am happy my guess was right! :slight_smile:

You nailed it. More testing now, but we’re past the first hurdle at least. Thanks, Dirk!

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