Enabling HTTPBoot

Following information available at Enabling HTTPBoot plugin for Foreman 1.20, Discovery iPXE EFI workflow in Foreman 1.20+, and using the foreman-installer, I am able to enable the plugin httpboot but it does not appear to be listening based on the output of ss -nat | grep LIST. Our current thinking is to leverage this module for use with iPXE to server up the discovery image.

On the proxy the only possible relevant log entry from startup is
WARN TCPServer Error: Address already in use - bind(2) but I thought I saw somewhere (cannot find the post right now) that if this were an issue the proxy would fail to start.

This was initially observed on 1.20. System has now been upgraded to v1.22 on the assumption that by the time we get the workflow we are trying to manage working, this will be release. Host is setup as an all-in-one with foreman, foreman-proxy, and puppet.

Could you provide a bit more logs? Like which port it’s attempting to bind to?

It should listen on the regular HTTP and HTTPS ports, regardless of HTTPBoot enabled or disabled.

I think @lzap did find a few bugs in the implementation so I’ll let him answer that.

Certainly. Attached is the startup of the proxy at a debug level. I had been running at INFO.

Looking at this set of logs I don’t see it even attempting to bind to 8000. Some more digging and the pointer in your comment, I think we initially disabled port 8000 as we didn’t expect anything to be plain http and I was making an assumption that the httpboot module would do its own bind.

Guess I just needed a fresh look, thanks.

proxy-start.log (3.9 KB)

Hello, httpboot module use the same http stack as the rest of smart proxy, which is by default 8448 and 8443 (or 9090/8000 for katello scenario). Do not expect it to listen on 80 or 443.

When testing this keep in mind that listing is not supported, your URL must be correct otherwise you will get 403 or 404.

I thought we had HTTP 8000 / HTTPS 8443 in Foreman and 8000 / 9090 in Katello.

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Sorry that is right, I use 8448 in my dev setup.

Sorry I should have clarified that I got things working after the comment from @ekohl. Thanks guys!