Engine: mounting Katello engine :at => "/" rather than :at => "/katello"

I submitted a PR for the Katello engine that mounts :at => "/" rather than :at => "/katello"

Therefore, the non-conflicting routes such as products, activation_keys, system_groups, etc are NOT namespaced.


However, the conflicting routes (roles, organizations, dashboard, about, etc) are manually name-spaced (scoped) using '/content


This was done in the routes.rb by using the scope method

scope "/content" do
resources :organizations


Here is a nice explanation of the difference between the methods 'namespace' and 'scope' in Rails routing

I did the same for v2.rb routes and manually search/replace for instances for '/katello/api/' in the code.

It is working for the non-nutupane pages (system groups) but not for the nutupane pages (products). I assume it's something with the api v2 routes that needs fixing.