Ensure same packages are installed on all hosts

Complete noob here trying to wrap my head around foreman.

I’ve successfully managed to install and add hosts to foreman (with the katello option installed).

Is there a way to make sure a group of hosts have the same packages installed?

I thought it could be done with a host collection, put machines in the collection, install a set of packages to the collection. But if later on i need to add a new host to the collection, it doesn’t seem this new host would pick up what was previously pushed to the collection.

How would i go about adding it to this collection and that it knows that it needs to install (maybe even remove) the extra packages so that it’s exactly the same?.

Is that even possible?

Host 1 Host2
Pkg1 Pkg1

Hopefully it’s not too confusing what i’m trying to achieve. Thank you for your help!

Host collections if basically just a group of hosts that you can perform actions on.

I’m using that, but was just hoping that if i added a new host to the collection it would “pickup” what’s already been done to the collection in terms of packages, instead of lets say running the install packages for this new machine.

Basically either have a base system that tells the other subsequent hosts what packages it should have OR a way to make sure this collection (and any newly added hosts) are always consistent in terms of the packages they have installed.

Or maybe i’m just overcomplicating it and there’s a different way you guys are tackling keeping all the workstations/hosts consistent.

Without spacewalk this was possible in a way. You could compare two hosts and adjust the differences. You could also create a system profile and apply that profile to other hosts, making them the same. Unfortunately, with katello it’s not possible (yet). I, too, am missing quite a few features I got used to with spacewalk. You may want to create a feature request on Issues - Foreman

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Thank you, yeah that sounds about what i was hoping there would be, a sort of template that could be applied to a collection. Are you keeping track of these manually? Maybe a tip or trick you want to share? haha. Thanks!.

It‘s best to open a feature request.

Currently, I don’t have a good tip. I’ll probably use puppet to install a standard set of packages which I need on all servers.

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