ERB Reporting template help needed for single report with details

I am trying to create a custom report for compliance to see if we installed patches as agreed . I am new to these template . Pls help if some one have it , or can you pls point me to detailed documentation to see where.
Expected outcome:
ERB template listing installed errata with installation date,published date, type, sevierity ,errat id, host name
Foreman and Proxy versions:
satellite 6.6
Foreman and Proxy plugin versions:
satellite 6.6
Distribution and version:
satellite 6.6 , x86
Other relevant data:

We know there is a gap in documentation and we are actively working on this. @Marek_Hulan do you recall who was involved in this? I remember some work being done in this regard.

Starting with Foreman 2.2, the documentation is shipped with Foreman and can be generated by foreman-rake apipie_dsl:static. Starting with Foreman 2.3, it’s generated as part of installation and you can find the link to the same at About page, see Templates DSL link.

You Satellite version seems to use older Foreman version, so you won’t find that documentation there, however, most of the methods documented in recent Foreman version should be available. Also Satellite 6.8 comes with this docs.

It seems that you would be interested in Applied Errata report template which is now part of the application. That was added in Foreman 1.22, so should be present in Satellite 6.6. If you’d like to extend the report with some columns, the best is to open RFE support case with Red Hat.

Hope this helps