Errara listed as installable even after remote execution reports successful

Errata is still listed as installable after remote execution reports success
Expected outcome:
Remote execution should not report success unless 100% of packages are installed
Foreman and Proxy versions:
Foreman 3.2.1
Foreman and Proxy plugin versions:
Katello 4.4.0
Distribution and version:
Rocky 8.6
Other relevant data:
Specific errata involved: RLSA-2021:1983
Client: Rocky 8.6 running FreeIPA/Identity Management
I validated that one of the packages in the errata is actually installed after the remote execution job. The remote execution is 25% successful. There are a total of four packages in the errata. Three of them are not able to be installed without further manual intervention due to this error:
All matches were filtered out by modular filtering for argument: <Package>

See yum fails with "All matches were filtered out by modular filtering" in RHEL 8 - Red Hat Customer Portal

If the script exits with a zero exit status, the remote execution job will show successful regardless of what actually happened on the host. So this may be a yum/dnf issue.

If you look at Monitor > Jobs > (your job) > (click on your hostname)

and look at the output, do you see Exit status: 0 ?

Yes, it is a YUM/DNF issue per the KB article. My point is that it is not expected behavior.
I ended up manually manipulating the modules to get the errata to install. The job did end with

Exit status: 0