Errata Calculation Problem

Hello everyone,

I have some problems and I don’t know if they are related to each other. I would describe what happen.

We provision with the Sattelite 6.8.1 on VMware. After the completion of provision process the Errata status stay on warning " Could not calculate errata status, ensure host is registered and the katello-host-tools package is installed"

  • katello-host-tools is installed on the system.
  • yum update is in the kickstart provision template and was executed on the vm
  • Under settings => content => installable from Content View => yes
  • There is no doubled enabled repository on the vm
  • katello-package-upload -f does not help even though it sends new report to the Satellite. We can see this under monitor => tasks
  • When we trigger the calculating task manual with foreman-rake console > ForemanTasks.sync_task(Actions::Katello::Host::RecalculateErrataStatus) the Errata status changes from warning to error “Security errata installable” but the “installable” Errata are really installed on the vm nevertheless they’re still appearing under Content Hosts => host name => Errata for example RHSA-2021:0336 which update the kernel. The kernel is updated on the vm to the same target version and this confirms also the satellite UI under Content Hosts => host name => Packages => Installed.

That means the satellite calculate the Errata wrongly. Could you please help? Thanks

Expected outcome:
All Errata installed