Error importing environments and classes on katello 2.2


I'm running katello 2.2 and I had no problem to import the puppet
environments. After a few days when I installed a new class, I had an error
where foreman showed like every class in the environments are new (i'm
installing classes to every environment by not specifying any environment).
I somehow fixed this by running the missmatch report in the organization
Now, I'm adding collection hosts and I notice that I only can use the
produccion (I've created production and other environments in Spanish)
So I went to Environments and tried to import the rest (that show every
class to import though they are already in that environment) and get this

Validation failed: Name has already been taken
app/services/puppet_class_importer.rb:272:in find_or_create_env' app/services/puppet_class_importer.rb:192:inadd_classes_to_foreman'
app/services/puppet_class_importer.rb:59:in block in obsolete_and_new' app/services/puppet_class_importer.rb:57:ineach'
app/services/puppet_class_importer.rb:57:in obsolete_and_new' app/controllers/concerns/foreman/controller/environments.rb:30:inobsolete_and_new'
app/controllers/concerns/application_shared.rb:13:in set_timezone' app/models/concerns/foreman/thread_session.rb:32:inclear_thread'
lib/middleware/catch_json_parse_errors.rb:9:in `call'

The only thing I've made twise was remove the production environment… is
it mandatory to have it?