Error syncing AlmaLinux 8.6 baseos repo, Advisory id: ALBA-2021:4458

Seen this error syncing the Almalinux baseos repo when it switched from 8.5 to 8.6.

Incoming and existing advisories have the same id but different timestamps and non-intersecting package lists.
It is likely that they are from two different incompatible remote repositories. E.g. RHELX-repo and RHELY-debuginfo repo.
Ensure that you are adding content for the compatible repositories.
To allow this behavior, set ALLOW_AUTOMATIC_UNSAFE_ADVISORY_CONFLICT_RESOLUTION = True (q.v.) in your configuration. 
Advisory id: ALBA-2021:4458

Seen this procedure from on Red Hat for a similar problem in Satellite 6.

1) Create '/etc/systemd/system/pulpcore-worker@.service.d/' directory:
mkdir /etc/systemd/system/pulpcore-worker@.service.d/

2) Create the following file:
vi /etc/systemd/system/pulpcore-worker@.service.d/settings.conf

3) Restart services:
systemctl daemon-reload
foreman-maintain service restart

Just wanted to check here if this is a sound procedure to follow as a workaround for this problem in Foreman?
Using Foreman 3.2, Katello 4.4.

A quick follow up, snapshotted Foreman and performed above steps and indeed it solved the problem. Repo synced with “Added Rpms: 851, Errata: 140”.
Totally unsure however if it was a good idea to set PULP_ALLOW_AUTOMATIC_UNSAFE_ADVISORY_CONFLICT_RESOLUTION to true though. I suspect perhaps AlmaLinux has a repo problem they need to fix to avoid having to use this workaround.

What mirroring and download policy do you use for the almalinux repositories?

Download Policy: Immediate
Mirroring Policy: Additive

I guess “Additive” isn’t helping here. You could try “Content Only” or manually start a complete sync to see if that helps.