Error while attempting to provision VM in VMWare


Attempting to provision a VM under ESXi 5.5 via hammer fails with the
following error:

2015-05-02 22:13:49 [W] Failed to create a compute vsphere (VMware)
instance hamtest.home: failed to create vm: undefined method `new' for

I found this bug, which lists the same
error: Bug #8810: Unable To Create New VMWare Host Using Hammer - Hammer CLI - Foreman – however, using the
compute-resource name, instead of id does not seem to fix the problem in my

Full command used:

ham -d -v --show-ids host create --architecture-id=1 --domain-id="1"
–operatingsystem-id=1 --build=true
Folder/cl01,path=/Datacenters/dc01/vm" --enabled=true
–compute-resource="vsphere" --partition-table-id=7
–provision-method="build" --puppet-proxy-id=1 --root-password="temp1234"
–environment-id=1 --name="hamtest" --medium-id=7


Can I provide any other info that might help in troubleshooting this?

Would really love to hear any available suggestions.