Error while run any command using Ansible in foreman UI

using foreman 3.2, Ansible 2.9.27 and Katello 4.4

Hey @sganesh, what is the version of foreman_ansible plugin?

foreman_ansible plugin version is 7.1.0

That’s right, and Remote Execution plugin? Should be v6. 0.0

Except for the failed to parse warnings,
are there any other errors in the logs?

Oh, I found something, can you try:

  • Assign executable permission to /tmp on smart-proxy,
    Make sure it is not mounted with noexec permission.
  • Restarted the smart_proxy_dynflow_core service

foreman-maintain service restart --only smart_proxy_dynflow_core

To run Ansible Role requires an inventory, In the case of the Foreman, it uses /tmp at the server-side as a temporary directory to create that temporary inventory required to run the job. While in case of remote execution the executable permission on a directory is only required at the client-side.


yes remote execution plugin is v6.0.0

remove noexec permission from /tmp mount which fixed.

however i don’t see smart_proxy_dynflow_core service

foreman-maintain service restart --only smart_proxy_dynflow_core
Running Restart Services

Check if command is run as root user: [OK]

Restart applicable services:

Stopping the following service(s): [FAIL]
No service found matching your parameter ‘smart_proxy_dynflow_core’

Scenario [Restart Services] failed.

Glad it was fixed, if you don’t have this service and everything works that’s ok I guess :slight_smile:


(I moved the topic to support, where it belongs)

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