ESXi installation failing, cannot fetch kickstart file

Hi there!

I am trying to get the ESXi installation working with iPXE through Foreman. I followed this documentation = Foreman :: Install ESXi through Foreman using iPXE bootstrapping

Everything is working fine. I created an iPXE file and also a minimal kickstart file. The system receives the boot files, does some work but everytime fails and gives me an error box saying:

Error (see log for more info):
Error copying / downloading file
File (<token_here_for_host>) connection failed. Made 15 attempts.

Not sure why this is happening. If I go to the url there with the token, I see this:
There was an error rendering the ESXi Minimal Kickstart 2 template: undefined local variable or method `pass’ for #Foreman::Renderer::Scope::Provisioning:0x00007f00ed5f9b60

Can anyone please help me understand this error and what could be the possible cause.

Thank you!