/etc/yum.repos.d/ansible-runner.repo 0 byte in size after upgrade to Foreman 3.5/Katello 4.7

Just up upgraded Foreman 3.41/Katello 4.6 to Foreman 3.5/Katello 4.7 without any problems. I however noticed when preparing the Foreman repos for the proxies that file /etc/yum.repos.d/ansible-runner.repo after the upgrade is 0 byte in size on the Foreman server. Is this expected?
I see my Foreman server has these packages installed from that repo:

# dnf list installed | grep @ansible-runner
python3-daemon.noarch                              2.1.2-9.el8ar                            @ansible-runner
python3-lockfile.noarch                            1:0.11.0-8.el8ar                         @ansible-runner
python3-pexpect.noarch                             4.6-2.el8ar                              @ansible-runner

Searching for the packages, only epel seems to have these packages now but if I recall, epel should not be enabled on a Foreman server. Any actions needs to be taken here?

After some more digging it seems the python3 packages has been replaced by python39.

# rpm -qa| grep python.*-daemon
# rpm -qa| grep python.*-lockfile
# rpm -qa| grep python.*-pexpect

And the python39 now exist in the foreman-plugins repo:

# dnf list installed | egrep 'python39-daemon|python39-lockfile|python39-pexpect'
python39-daemon.noarch                             2.3.1-1.el8                              @foreman-plugins
python39-lockfile.noarch                           0.12.2-1.el8                             @foreman-plugins
python39-pexpect.noarch                            4.8.0-2.el8                              @foreman-plugins

So I guess the python3 packages are just some leftover and not used anymore?

Removing then will remove some additional packages so probably not recommended:

# dnf remove python3-pexpect python3-lockfile python3-daemon
Dependencies resolved.
 Package                               Architecture              Version                                                  Repository                          Size
 python3-daemon                        noarch                    2.1.2-9.el8ar                                            @ansible-runner                    106 k
 python3-lockfile                      noarch                    1:0.11.0-8.el8ar                                         @ansible-runner                     81 k
 python3-pexpect                       noarch                    4.6-2.el8ar                                              @ansible-runner                    519 k
Removing unused dependencies:
 python3-docutils                      noarch                    0.14-12.module_el8.5.0+2569+5c5719bc                     @appstream                         5.9 M
 python3-pip                           noarch                    9.0.3-22.el8                                             @appstream                         2.8 k
 python3-ptyprocess                    noarch                    0.5.2-4.el8                                              @appstream                          64 k
 python3-setuptools                    noarch                    39.2.0-6.el8                                             @baseos                            450 k
 python36                              x86_64                    3.6.8-38.module_el8.5.0+2569+5c5719bc                    @appstream                          13 k

Transaction Summary
Remove  8 Packages

Freed space: 7.1 M
Is this ok [y/N]: