[Event] Case Study #3 - HA with Chris Pisano - Livestream 2pm (London) Wed 18th Nov

Hi all,

The next installment in our Case Study series (thanks for starting
these, btw Dnaiel :P) will be next Wednesday, at 1400 UK time. See [1]
for details and live-stream links.

In addition to being a regular in IRC (his handle is 'discr33t'),
Chris has spent a lot of time working on an HA setup for Foreman, and
so we'll be taking a tour around what he's built, what problems he
encountered, and so on. We'll also cover the usual case study
questions about Foreman in general.

Do tune in to ask questions live - but if you miss it I'll be sure to
share the recording. See you next week!

[1] https://plus.google.com/b/102496134326414788199/events/cd7st94701lkg6d058olehdvoks

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