[Event] Foreman Community Demo - 2pm (UK) 21st Apr

Hi all,

We will be holding another installment of the Foreman Community Demo this
coming Thursday, 21st Apr. As usual, the event page has more detailed
information [1].
The agenda is being compiled and can be viewed on the wiki [2]. You can
also see all upcoming Foreman events at the Foreman Calendar [3].

As ever, we encourage live participation via the Hangouts Q&A app, or in IRC
(#theforeman on Freenode). For those that can't attend, the video will be
posted afterwards.

[1] https://plus.google.com/events/cug61bkfrm7qppi24ns9166qabg
Current Sprint Information - Foreman
[3] Foreman :: Foreman Events


··· -- Community Lead IRC: gwmngilfen

Despite the week's delay - this has now happened and been posted to YouTube

  • thanks as ever to all who took part. The show notes are below, as ever,
    but I'd like to highlight a new section - we had some "user submissions"
    this time from a community member who couldn't make the demo. If you want
    to show off something you've done but can't make it to the demo yourself,
    feel free to email me your submissions and I will present them on your

Also, huge thanks to Netways for releasing their Foreman training material!
The source on GitHub (and a rendered version on github.io, links below) for
the community to use to organise their own training days. Contributions are
welcome, and a blog post will be coming shortly going into more detail. If
you are organising Foreman training, add it to our calendar at
Foreman :: Foreman Events!

Show notes:

Links from the show:
Libvirt: https://github.com/theforeman/theforeman.org/pull/599
PulpPlanner: https://github.com/sean797/pulp-planner
Netways Foreman Training:

You can find the presenter IRC nicknames in the links above. You can ask
questions in the comments below, on IRC or on our mailing list.