[event] Foreman Construction hackday - Ghent, 8th Feb 2017 (after CfgMgmt) - Registration open!

Hi all,

As promised on yesterday's demo, the registration page for the Foreman
Construction Day is now open! This went really well last year (20+
people, all of whom enjoyed it), so I'm excited to see if we can do even
better. You can register here:

The feedback last year was to perhaps have a little more structure, and
maybe some prior discussion of topics. So, this year, we're adding a
half-day track of deep dives and workshops. The exact agenda is still to
be decided, but the current proposal is:

  • 09.30 - Welcome & Introductions
  • 10.00 - Deep dive / workshop 1
  • 10.30 - Deep dive / workshop 2
  • 11.00 - coffee break
  • 11.30 - Deep dive / workshop 3
  • 12.00 - Deep dive / workshop 4
  • 12.40 - LUNCH
  • Afternoon - Coding time (with coffee break at 15.00)
  • 16.00 - Conclusions & Thanks

As with last year, we'll have several rooms, so if you want to grab some
people and go code all morning, that's still an option, and we'll have
coding time all afternoon too. I expect by lunchtime we'll all have an
idea of what we'd like to spend the afternoon on :slight_smile:

However, I'd like input from the community on what these sessions &
hacking topics should be! So far, from speaking to a few people, I know
we could do workshops on:

  • Getting started with contributing (dev environment, writing good
    bugs/PRs, getting help)
  • Running Foreman via docker-compose
  • Developing Foreman UI components with React
  • Getting started with Foreman plugins

I'm sure there's many other potential topics, so I've created a really
short (two questions!) form here:

Feel free to put multiple topics in one answer, or submit the form
multiple times - I'll parse it all out later :slight_smile:

Any questions, let me know. Hope to see you there!


ยทยทยท -- IRC / Twitter: gwmngilfen