[Event] Next Foreman Community Demo - Thu 30 Mar 3pm [GMT]

Hi all

It's time for the next Foreman Community Demo! Join us at 3pm on Thu 30 Mar for a
roundup of the recent conferences, and the usual review of new & interesting
developments from around our community. As ever, more information is available
on the event page [1] and the show agenda is being compiled at the Foreman wiki [2].

If you have anything new, cool tips, etc, that you'd like to share with the
community, please do let me know and I can arrange for you to be on the demo,
or (if you can't make it) I can demo for you.

As ever, we encourage live participation via the YouTube live chat, or in IRC
(#theforeman on Freenode). For those that can't attend, the video will be
posted to YouTube afterwards.

If you'd like to know when other Foreman events are happening, do check out our
Events page on the Foreman website [3].

[1] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QfANwMzxebE
[2] Current Sprint Information - Foreman
[3] Foreman :: Foreman Events


··· -- Greg IRC: gwmngilfen

Hi all, apologies for the delay in posting the summary of this demo.

In this community demo, we covered some of the new 1.15 features,
included SSH key management for users, CSV exports, and changes to how
Foreman handles preloaded default roles & templates. We also did the
community survey prize draw!

Sections in this demo:

You can find the presenter IRC nicknames in the links above. You can
ask questions in this thread, on IRC or in the YouTube comments.


··· -- IRC / Twitter: @gwmngilfen Diaspora: gwmngilfen@joindiaspora.com