Example Deface plugin

Hey all,

I wanted to write a quick plugin to give an example of using Deface to
alter pages in Foreman's core from a plugin. A few people have asked for a
way to add a custom column to the Hosts view, so I thought that might make
a good example.

So, I present v1 of ForemanColumnView, available at:

It adds a custom column to the right of Last Report on the /hosts view. It
defaults to showing the associated domain (not very useful as that's part
of the FQDN), but you can configure it from settings.yaml in foreman-core.

There's a few caveats. Since it uses Host.send(), you have to ask for a
method that the Host object knows how to respond to. Furthermore, it can
only be one level deep - e.g "domain" will work, but "domain.fullname"
probably won't. Patches welcome :wink:

I've tested it myself by displaying the last known uptime from the host's
facts. Seems to work.

Hopefully it's useful, both in itself, and also as a Deface example.