Exclude module path on import


I'm using puppet 3.7.1 and foreman 1.6.1.
I've configured directory env in puppet.conf:


environmentpath = $confdir/environments
basemodulepath = /usr/share/common-puppet-modules
default_manifest = /etc/puppet/manifests

Is there a way to exclude the basemodulepath from being imported into
Foreman? Or any module path?

I would like to import only modules in $confdir/environments/<env>/modules.
The common modules (=basemodulepath) must be shared between all
environments but they are never used directly from Foreman.

I know we can achieve this with the ignored_environments.yml but I would
like to have something more "dynamic", so that I don't need to update
foreman config each time I add a new module.



I’m new to foreman and have now the same problem/issue as you in the past.
Did you solve it ?

Best regards

Hi, that’s an old one! “solved” by auto updating ignored_environments.yml,
didn’t find a better workaround. Regards