Exit status Foreman Remote Execution


Im new user Foreman and i has done installed my foreman v1.23 with plugin remote execution. I want to ask about what is exit status and kind of exit status at remote execution. Because i dont understand about that. Can you give me some refrence about that? I use foreman for my final projek on the school. And can foreman remote execution run without puppet?Thanks before.

Juan Munthe

Remote Execution has two providers for now, SSH and Ansible, so it runs without Puppet. Exit status based on returncode is classic Linux-style, 0 is sucess, everything else is failed.

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Thanks for your Answer.

So if i want to run command on foreman remote execution, i have to add new host to foreman with puppet before?

Juan Crisna Pranata

There are multiple ways how to create host objects in Foreman. Import vms from hypervisor/cloud, get facts for thek from ansible/puppet/salt/chef, create them manually as unmanaged from CLI/API, provision them from Foreman.

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Thanks for your support.

Its help me so much.