Expanding EBS volumes

Is it possible using Foreman to expand the EBS volume on an EC2 instance during provisioning? I’m not seeing any options for it when creating the instance through Foreman. Not sure if I’m missing an obvious option or if this isn’t currently possible

I don’t believe the current foreman-ec2 plugin is able to do this. I think if you want to do this, you would have to have an ansible job (or some other similar mechanism) to do the expansion as part of provisioning).

I’m also interested in seeing this functionality added - it seems to be a peculiar omission, since the other compute providers all seem to provide some version of this functionality…

Dang, was hoping I just wasn’t seeing something. I was looking to put in a feature request, but I don’t actually see that plugin listed on this site, maybe I’m just tired and can’t see the obvious

It’s not technically a plugin - it’s part of foreman core. This might be a good place to judge the overall community interest in the feature - I explored this some time ago for some work I was doing and would also be interested in seeing this added.