Expires informations in Report Template

Hi all,

its possible to get Expires informations in Report Template?

Thanks in advance

Hi @Neeloj,

What exactly you want to achieve/gather? i’m afraid quick search on DSL docs (you can find them in About > Templates DSL page) didn’t show much, so probably we need to add few additional macros.

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thanks for your answer @ofedoren, I dont find on “emplates_doc” what I want to achive.

I have 2 columns:
Name | Certificate Expire Date
Name its the Host.name I get it in “emplates_doc” but how can I get the Certificate Expire Date for the host?

Well, unfortunatelly I didn’t find a way to achieve that, but maybe @katello guys know.

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Expire Date of which certificate? Puppet? Subscription?
Or do you mean the subscription expire date (which is different from the subscription certificate expire date).


@evgeni I want to get the Expires in 3 years… so if the exact date is better

So the screenshot you posted is Puppet. Then @katello can’t help :wink:

@ezr-ondrej @nadjaheitmann maybe one of you?

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That said, I am not sure this information is even stored in Foreman but fetched dynamically from PuppetCA, and then it’s probably not available in the templates :frowning:

oh thats pity :frowning: thank you @evgeni