Export/Import vSphere/ESX networks as Foreman Subnets

Hello everyone,
When provisioning a new node into VMware I wish to match it's network
interface Vlan configurations to Foreman's subnet. This step is done
First I need to create a subnet at the Foreman side that will match the
VMware NIC and then when I create the node I need to match the Vm network
to the Foreman network configuration as well (in the UI or using the CLI).

Is there a way that I can import the VMware (ESX) networks automatically
into Foreman? (including the network name, Gateway, netmasks Etc… as a
Foreman subnet) without the need to create them one by one manually (and in
case that they are changing I need to control them all of the time)

After I get them out of the ESX I think that import them into Foreman will
be easy using API (API - Foreman)
so this might be a bit of an off-topic issue.

Thanks a LOT!!