External DHCP, Foreman PXE-less, Discovery Image Setup help


In an office network already managed by DHCP (hands out addresses on Not permitted to run DHCP on Foreman so the work around is configure Discovery Image.

There’s a external iPXE server ( already configured that successfully installs the Discovery Image to network booted clients.

Foreman/Foreman_Proxy are running on (https://foreman.network.com). Also the unattended provisioning URL.

Created a Subnet on Foreman ( Specified None for IPAM and Boot Mode is set to static. Didn’t specify DNS server/gateway.

From the Discovery Image, using DHCP configuration works and updates the discovered hosts in Foreman (Status: SUCCESS -awaiting kexec into installer). All hosts get placed in the default organization and location.

When trying to provision host from Foreman Web- Attempting to install CentOS 7 with Discovery Template (kickstart default) and Provisioning Template (Discovery Red Hat kexec).
Host interface ->
DNS Name : mac005056b5d057
Domain: foreman.net
IPv4 Subnet: Discovery(
IPv4 Address

Output during provisioning on the Discovery image is: Warning: anaconda: failed to fetch kickstart from https://foreman.network.com/unattended/provision?token= [token number] &static=yes ). Tried extending token expiration.

Expected outcome:

Join Discovered host to the subnet and find/use the kickstart provisioning file.

Foreman and Proxy versions:

Foreman and Proxy plugin versions:
foreman_discovery 17.0.1

Distribution and version:
Ubuntu 20.04.2 LTS Focal Focus

Other relevant data:

When you don’t specify and DNS info, how clients are supposed to resolve this:


Let anaconda to timeout and then in the shell, check network configuration. Specifically DNS.

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Thanks for the reply. @lzap

& yes I understand that without setting the DNS server in the subnet configuration that the host will not resolve.

Since DHCP/DNS are both external - after the host is discovered, I configure the primary interface to not be Managed (uncheck “Managed”. The description provided for this option is; “If the Managed flag is disabled, none of the services will be configured for this interface, even if it is configured for the subnet and domain”).

Nevertheless, I had also tried setting the DNS server in the subnet to the authoritative DNS server on the network. The result was the same - “failed to fetch…”

To fix the problem that I was having:

  • I configured the unattended/provision URL to [HTTP] in :

[Administer>Settings>General] & [Administer>Settings>Provisioning].

  • Additionally I uncommented/added

:http_port: 80 in [/etc/foreman-proxy/settings.yml]

  • Then restarted the foreman service.

Attempt #1:
Provision on the Discovered Host. Managed flag enabled on the primary interface and pointing to the external DNS server in our configured subnet.

Got this error:

“There was an error rendering the Kickstart default template: ERF42-7327 [Foreman::Exception]: The snippet ‘puppet.conf’ threw an error: undefined method ‘#present?’ for Safemode::Jail (Environment)”

After looking around online for a while, I found (Fixes #32772 - allow present? on ApplicationRecord by ezr-ondrej · Pull Request #8581 · theforeman/foreman · GitHub)

  • Applied the patch locally and reset the foreman service.

Attempt #2:
Success! Kickstart file was found and loaded during provisioning. Discovered Host installs centOS 7.2 with no errors.

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