External DHCP "option routers" Documentation Clarification

While following the guide here to install Foreman 3.1 and Katello 4.2 and enable External DHCP communication on CentOS 8, the instructions state the options router statement in dhcpd.conf is set to the IP of the Foreman server. My Foreman server is not setup as a router/default-gw, so this statement doesn’t make sense to me.

My question is: Is it a requirement that the Foreman server be setup as the default gateway in dhcpd.conf for some other unexplained reason, or is that example in the documentation just an observation by whoever wrote it that in their scenario the Foreman server is the default gateway?

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Clearer documentation.

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That is not the requirement at all, feel free to use any DNS. By default Foreman installer setups DNS smart proxy service so that’s why this is in the docs as well.

Thank you. However, my question wasn’t about DNS. My question is: if I have setup Foreman to update/query an external DHCP server, does the subnet in the /etc/dhcpd.conf need to point to Foreman as the default gateway ala the options router statement in the documentation?

I don’t think it does, but the the documentation isn’t really clear. Here is what is stated in the doc:

Note that the "option routers" value is the Foreman or Smart Proxy IP address that you want to use with an external DHCP service.

That sentence is invalid, you can use any router you want of course.