External Postgresql configuration in foreman

We current have a old setup using an old version of Foreman 1.24 on multilpe Foremans in 2 sites and with external postgresql databases located in both sites, using makara gem to control write\read updates from the Foreman to either the Master or Slave Postgresql database instances.

So I am in the process of creating a newer environment based on using foreman 3.8 and Puppet 7, with the same approach of having an external Postgresql database (master and Slaves) and controlling the read\write dataflow from Foremans in the same manner but I can find any documents about how i can set this up and if there are any additional modules I need to configure to control Foremans read and write actions.

Anyone help or advise?

Hi @802105576

We have docs for Using external databases with Foreman in Installing Foreman+Katello nightly.