Facing issue in Foreman auto discovery Plugin

Problem: I have installed & configured foreman Auto discovery plugin but when I am booting new unknown host from PXE network I am getting " Lates server response" N/A and status is also N/A, not sure what going wrong what config do I check any pointer will be appericiated thanks

Expected outcome: Host should get discovered in foreman UI

Foreman and Proxy versions: 1.22

Foreman and Proxy plugin versions: foreman Auto discovery Plugin 15.0

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@bharat19th Is foreman name resolving from discovered host ? also what are you seeing in logs on foreman/foreman-proxy?

production.log (114.5 KB)

Without the OS how would you check the resolution from the new unknown host.

The TUI and background process that does the discovery do not communicate each other in real time, therefore there is a countdown of 45 seconds and if discovered node is not able to complete the request you will see this message. As it says, use <Status> button to refresh the screen to see the updated status. This is technical limitation of the newt library.

If anything goes wrong, check logs via <Logs> button. Enable SSH and sign in the node to investigate more. From what I can see, the port 8433 does not look right, it’s usually 8443 or 9090 depending on which installation scenario you used.

why I am getting this error…
any way which i can debug

Thanks guys for your help.
Solve the issue. there was some dns IP issue from my side

Yeah that error was harmless in older versions of FDI. I think it’s now fixed.