Facts not coming on manually configured hosts

Hi -

We configured hosts manually rather using discover plugin in foreman. for all those hosts manually configured i dont see facts [pic1]. is there a way to get facts without installing puppet agent on the host like in pic2.




You can install facter which is a separate component of puppet. Then you need to manually sign puppet certificate, which is probably quite lots of commends without puppet agent installed actually. Well, it’s complicated.

We are currently in the design phase to do something with it:

On the similar note, I recently started a project called ufacter which aims to complement some of the missing features of the PuppetLabs facter: https://github.com/lzap/ufacter - if you don’t want to install neither puppet nor facter, you could use that. Call that from cron and pipe this into curl to upload the facts. But you still need to have a client X509 certificate accepted by smart proxy HTTPS endpoint. We don’t have instructions to sign certificates manually at the moment. If you are good with openssl command then you can easily have that signed.