Failing katello tests in foreman core pr testing

Over the past couple of days, the following katello tests in foreman prs started failing consistently:

Can someone from @katello team please take a look? the links go to an example run.

Thanks for bringing these up as we have not been seeing them on tests run in katello/katello. I opened a PR here: Fixes #29411 - add descriptions to objects by jlsherrill · Pull Request #8630 · Katello/katello · GitHub

We’ve seen this before where for some reason checking ‘null == null’ fails when running within a foreman pr but not within katello. I seem to remember previously assert_equal null, null also failed similarly. Its also strange that these tests just started to fail, as none of this stuff has been touched recently. :man_shrugging:

This is merged, can you tell me if the issue persists?

Looks like one down, one remaining -

Should be fixed here: