FATAL: role "foreman" does not exist

Hi All,

My PuppetMaster(CentOS) got restarted unexpectedly and automatically
postgresql got upgraded. Foreman stopped working after this. Can someone
help me in getting the foreman back ?

Error :

role "foreman" does not exist

Please see the full error detail in the attached file.

Due to this errors, i have uninstalled and freshly installed postgresql-9.4 version. Even after starting postgresql succesfully am getting the same error from foreman.

Also, psql cmd on shell giving the following error.

psql: FATAL: role "root" does not exist

Please help.


Foreman_Error.txt (15.2 KB)

Was it a major version upgrade of psql? IIRC it uses a per-major-version
cluster, so you might have manual migration work to do when upgrading from
a previous major version of psql.

Failing that, log into your db and have a look around. Is the db there (i.e
just the role is missing) or is there a more serious issue?