FDI iso boot options

Problem: I need to create custom Foreman Discovery Image iso (UEFI, legacy BIOS) with several additional startup scripts and kernel options. I have created FDI iso using latest version from: GitHub - theforeman/foreman-discovery-image: Foreman discovery image live distro
Server boots from iso and by default selects “Test this media & start FDI” which is second option in boot menu.

Expected outcome: How to make first option “Start FDI” default one? I cannot find where to change boot settings in image building scripts.
discovery-remaster script is provided in iso building scripts which can change boot options, but legacy BIOS mode stops working after running this script.


I have a feeling this comes from the livemedia-creator and is not under FDI control. You could experiment with the command based on the livemedia-creator docs, e.g. --extra-boot-args may help.

If that takes to build the FDI from scratch, these may help

Sorry, I can’t help anymore.

You do not need to rebuild FDI at all for this, discovery supports “extensions” which are ZIP files downloaded from TFTP or HTTP which are unpacked and added to PATH and FACTERLIB so you can write both facts in Ruby or run arbitrary commands. Use autostart.d directory to automatically start binaries via systemd.

If that is not enought, then simply checkout the repo, put anything you want into root subdirectory and build the image without any changes. You can put binaries there, systemd services or anything. You can install additional software by updating packages kickstart section as well.

Good luck!