Feature: Patternfly/Foreman-hosts page: view as "Tree List View with Single Child Expansion"


When accessing to foreman/hosts page we get a table of all the hosts. If you have lots and lots of hosts the page becomes (imo) not so useful.

In our case, hosts are related to a group, for example:

  • ipa-servers: ipa-01, ipa-02, ipa-3
  • elasticsearch: elastic-01, elastic-02, etc


checking patternfly docs I see that it is possible to have a tree view table:


this would allows to group hosts in a defined way as described above.

Could this feature be consider to add to foreman?



I don’t think this way it is clearly arranged. Imho a table with good search function is enough and better than expanding host groups or whatever.


Thank you for the proposal!
I think that different users have different ways of organizing their hosts, so selecting one attribute to group by (such as hostgroup) might be problematic.
Perhaps @ui_ux team could take a look and suggest if there is a way of grouping hosts that is flexible enough for different use cases?

Hi @tbrisker,

thanks for your input! I came to this idea from VMware vCenter, where we can create folders and organize hosts based on technology, organization, etc

Many times happens that you have systems with DB, api, http, etc in different hosts, and the only way I know to organize in foreman is by having same hostname-somethingelse.domain