Feature request: Search bar at the top

So often I am in the need to get to a specific host and I am always forced to first click the the menu, wait for the page to load for a few seconds for a list of 20 hosts to show (always sorted alphabetically) to get to a search bar. Would be nice to have a search bar always available at the top.

Not part of the application, but I was looking at Firefox which used to have a feature where if you right clicked on any input field you could create a new search so you don’t even need to navigate to the Foreman instance at all. Sadly it looks like the “Add a keyword for this search” is no longer there.

You can now go to bookmarks, add a new one, use https://foreman.example.com/hosts?search=%s and add a keyword to it (like fm). Then in your search bar you can type fm MySearch and it’ll open https://foreman.example.com/hosts?search=MySearch.

Perhaps we can expose OpenSearch metadata on the hosts page so you can easily add it as a search.

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In the new host details page you can use what we call the “breadcrumb switcher” which has a search feature:

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