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After upgrading Foreman 3.6/Katello 4.8 to Foreman 3.7/Katello 4.9 we noticed that variable/field names for the host-configuration (os, network, …), like @host.lifecycle_environment, @host.content_view, @host.operating_system, … were changed which we used in templates.

For @host.lifecycle_environtment we found the solution that is was changed to host_puppet_lifecycle_environment, but we still have issues for other variables.

Is there any documentation available of all available variable-names, or is there an easy way in the webinterface to retrieve the correct names?

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Foreman 3.6/Katello 4.8
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It’s @host.single_lifecycle_environment and @host.single_content_view now.

When editing a template, the “Help” tab has a list of all available methods you can use.

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@jeremylenz ,
Thanks for the quick feedback.