Final reminder - Foreman will move from Google Groups to Discourse on 1st Jan 2018

Hi all,

As per the migration plan, all is going smoothly and we are in the final
week before tranisiton on New Year's Eve. We're already seeing some good
traffic to the forum and people are getting answers so it seems it'll
perform it's primary function just fine :slight_smile:

A reminder that if you haven't already, you can claim your account using
the Forgot Password link in combination with the email you post to the
mailing list with.

Also, for now, forum nicknames are freely editable - these normally lock
after a few days, but I've disabled that for now so that people can
change the auto-generated nicknames on the precreated accounts. I will
of course give a warning before re-enabling this.

Tags have been created, feel free to use them when creating new topics.
Groups have also been created, both for you to mention in your posts if
you need the attention of those people, and also to join if that part of
the codebase / plugin is of interest to you.

I've had no comments so far on the documentation, so I assume it's doing
it's job. Feedback is still very welcome on that of course. I'll be
spending this week preparing the PR to the website to remove mention of
the mailing lists ready for Sunday night.

Almost there. See you on the other side :slight_smile: