First Time Deployment


I am mapping out a deployment for our environment and I wanted to run it by the group and discuss:

Lifecycle path of Library->Dev/qa->prod. Under each life cycle environment I will create content views for each instance type of hosts and tie the host collections and activation keys to that.

Instance type 1…x would each have their own CV. Each activation key would be tied to a CV for each instance type with each LCE.


  • Instance type 1 - staging -> key1
  • instance type 1 - Prod - > key2

For content views now, I am thinking of allowing access to all repos and creating an exclude all, then creating yum filters including all the packages I want for each instance in each CV.

Is this best practice or is there a cleaner way?


This looks sane, but keep in mind that katello filters do not do repoclosure so you need to figure dependencies out manually.

Hi Izap - thanks for the response.

That was something I was concerned about. If I do a blanket exclude and create includes under that it seems like it may be tedious to manage the dependencies.

Does anyone have any tips on how to manage the dependencies if I want to do something of this nature? If not, is there another method to managing my packages that I may be missing?