Force refresh of repos on clients after Activation Key change?

Does anybody know if there’s a way to force client servers to refresh their repo information, based on their existing activation key?

I’ve made some changes to the available repos on one of my Activation Keys and I want to get the servers to update their repo configs. I’d have assumed that subscription-manager would have a flag to allow you to do this but I’m struggling to find one. I know I can unregister and register the boxes, but it’s a little more labour intensive/prone to human error, even with the Ansible playbook I’ve written for key switches.


As you’re finding out, activation keys only affect hosts at registration time. This is by design. If you want to update content overrides without reregistering, you can do so with bulk actions via Hosts > Content Hosts > select your hosts, and then Select Action > Manage Repository Sets. The update will be immediate on the server and will take effect on the next checkin for each host (or force it by running subscription-manager repos).