Foreman 1.1 hostgroup inheritance : data lost?


In foreman 1.1, if I create a hostgroup, and choose a non-empty parent hostgroup, I see the parent hostgroup parameters being chosen for this hostgroup too.
That's great (or sort of).

But when I click on "create hostgroup", then come back to edit the new hostgroup, most of the inherited parameters are just gone (partition table, OS params, subnet - NOT the domain -, ) : am I missing something, or am I doing something wrong ?
Off course, when I try to create a host (using the API), I then get an error message about blank partitions, bad OS, and so on…

I looked at the issue tracker, did not find any issue mentioning this behavior… am I mistaken somewhere ?
I can't test this on foreman 1.2 at the moment :cry: