Foreman 1.1 RC1 Debs released

Hi all,

Ohad tagged 1.1 RC1 yesterday, so I have the pleasure of bringing you
the 1.1 RC1 deb packages!

In order to avoid polluting the existing repos, we've created a new
'rc' component. So you can get the RC's from:

deb squeeze rc
deb precise rc

This repo will be updated as we release more RCs, but when 1.1 hits
stable, it will be cleared out, in order to avoid the confusin we had
after 1.0 (where people used the old 'testing' repo instead of stable,
thinking it was newer).

The RPM guys will no doubt be sending a similar email shortly. I'll
leave that to them :slight_smile:

The Foreman-Installer cannot current access the RC repo (it uses
nightly or stable). We'll be fixing that shortly.