Foreman 1.11 bugs, 1.12 bugs and branching

Foreman 1.11.1 is now out with the first round of bug fixes for the 1.11
series. A couple of open tickets remain:

  1. #14619 - error deleting hosts, possibly with reports from plugins(?)
  2. #14607 - overriding smart class parameters doesn't show correct value

Live list:

Foreman 1.12 is also coming up, which means this is the one month
warning until 1.12-stable is branched per
Foreman 112 Schedule - Foreman.
A couple of related open issues exist at the moment:

#14516, #14518 - errors saving hosts during report upload

Live list:

Please help by monitoring the lists as I'll assign regressions to them
as we go along.


ยทยทยท -- Dominic Cleal