Foreman 1.12 and AWS

Hello all,

I trying to test deploy instances in AWS from my foreman, i was following
the next guide:
But when i launched the creation of the new host i had the error: " Failed
to create a compute EC2 […] The key pair 'foreman-xxxx-xxx-xxx-xxx' does
not exist ".

So, my first idea was upload the key pair in foreman to AWS, i used the
following group to obtain the key_pair:!topic/foreman-users/4B95YBFbAR, but in
AWS i had to add the .pub, that i could not found it in foreman.

The next step was create a key pair in aws and import in foreman , updating
the field in the postgres database, but at the end i continue having the
same problem :frowning: .

What can i do ? or what can i check to find the error?

Thanks a lot for you help.