Foreman 1.16.2 user-data installation doesn't work - network configuration

We created vmware images with govc, open-vm-tools are running and installed.
Installation in foreman is successful but this doesn’t happen:

Image provisioning without SSH

The same process can also be done using a user_data template. To configure image/template-based provisioning without SSH, make the following adjustments for the former procedure:

  • Enable user_data checking the proper checkbox in the compute resource definition
  • Associate a user_data template to the host, using cloud-init syntax
  • Note that the images dont need cloudinit installed, as the cloudinit is converted under the hood to a CustomisationSpec object that VMware can process

No any errors in log files.

Any suggestions?


Here’s the steps I see in foreman:

Logs: 2018-09-24 22:12:40 995c09a9 [app] [D] Orchestration::Compute: nic #<Nic::Managed id: nil, mac: nil, ip: “”, type: “Nic::Managed”, name: “”, host_id: nil, subnet_id: nil, domain_id: 1, attrs: {}, created_at: nil, updated_at: nil, provider: nil, username: nil, password: nil, virtual: false, link: true, identifier: “”, tag: “”, attached_to: “”, managed: true, mode: “balance-rr”, attached_devices: “”, bond_options: “”, primary: true, provision: true, compute_attributes: {“network”=>“network-569”, “type”=>“VirtualE1000”}, ip6: “”, subnet6_id: nil, execution: true> assigned to <Fog::Compute::Vsphere::Interface

What’s interesting if I convert an existing centos75 to vm template and use it - everything works fine.

If there a way to enable more debug, I assume for fog?



sorry for the late reply. I’m not really sure what the error is you are seeing.
It would be super awesome if you could share your govc code as we’re still missing the feature to create vsphere templates in Foreman.
Can you also share how your userdata template looks in Foreman. Please do note, that this looks like cloud-init, but it isn’t.

You can find a working template in foreman_userdata.

I’m struggeling to understand what results you expect and what is and isn’t working for you, but am happy to help if time permits. Do you mind explaining your issue a bit more?