Foreman 1.16.2 vmware fails

I’m trying to install VMs from foreman and getting this error:
undefined method `raw_networks’ for #Fog::Compute::Vsphere::Real:0x007f4eb145e690

I see that VM is created in Vcenter, but powered off.

Any ideas?


Which fog-vsphere library are you using? There was a update to 2.3.0 recently.

tfm-rubygem-fog-vsphere.noarch 0:2.3.0-1.el7

Downgraded to 2.1 - this’s fixed the issue,

We need for fog-vsphere >= 2.3.0.

Well, on 1.16.2 with 2.3.0 foreman throws an error I mentioned and provision breaks.

Yeah, I know. You either need to downgrade or use the patch I linked above.

Looks like the fix hasn’t been cherry picked to any of the released versions yet, i’m looking into this.

The fog-vsphere 2.3 rpm was mistakenly built into the 1.16 repo, which causes this failure on rpm based installs of Foreman 1.16. This has also been reported on redmine: Bug #24501: undefined method 'raw_networks" for <Fog::Computer::Vsphere::Real> - Foreman
An additional problem is present in debian installs, which pull in the 2.3 gem due to bundling dependencies at build time.
I have opened PRs to pull in the fixes to the stable branches:

Per the discussion on it was also built into 1.17 and 1.18 because it was assumed to be compatible.

We should probably not have open ended dependencies and this should have been a 3.0 if the API breakage was intentional. If it was unintentional then perhaps a 2.3.1 could be released to restore compatibility.