Foreman 1.17 roles and permissions


Information: Ubuntu 16.04
theforeman 1.17

Assign configgroups to hostgroups.

We assign a class to a configgroup and the configgroup to a hostgroup.
After upgrade to foreman 1.17 its not possible to assign a configgroup to a hostgroup.

We get a errormessage after submit: Failed to save: Host config groups is invalid

Please note the user is not admin.

User permissions (snippet):
Config group: view_config_groups, edit_config_groups, create_config_groups, destroy_config_groups
Hostgroup: view_hostgroups, create_hostgroups, edit_hostgroups, destroy_hostgroups

If i logged in as admin all is OK.

unfortunately i dont get a clear errormessage to see what is the problem.

Have anyone a idea?

Please help
Best regards

I think that we have the same problem.


Hello Peter,

we have exactly the same problem here. We have updated from Foreman 1.15 to Foreman 1.17 too. And i checked the issue a little bit more and can see assigning ‘config groups’ either to to a ‘host group’ or assigning a ‘config groups’ directly to a host is not possibly more. What to do next ? Opening a issue ?

Best regards

I believe fix is in progess -

I did below and it seems to work in my 1.17 test host.

Will not test in my 1.16 as well.

The fix is probably too late for 1.17.1, but 1.17.2 should include it: