Foreman 1.17 Upgrade Failed: Reverse DNS localhost does not match hostname

After upgrading from 1.16x to 1.17 per the instructions, I can’t get past Step 3©, re-running the installer. It fails with the message -
“Reverse DNS localhost does not match hostname
Your system does not meet configuration criteria”

Yes all forward and reverse lookups are present and working correctly.

Expected outcome:
Being able to run foreman-installer to complete the upgrade

Foreman and Proxy versions:

Foreman and Proxy plugin versions:
foreman_digitalocean 1.3.0
foreman_discovery 11.0.0
foreman_setup 6.0.0
foreman_templates 5.0.1
foreman_xen 0.6.1
puppetdb_foreman 4.0.0

Hey, our installer insist that $(hostname -f) resolves to an IP and the IP reverse resolves to the same name. We do need this in provisioning workflows, I recommend to get that fixed. There is an installer option to skip checks however.

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HOSTS file had a duplicate entry -

I suspect the latter was added after the original system was installed.

Hopefully this helps someone experiencing a similar problem in the future.

Please be aware all upstream DNS A/PTR records were always correct and in place.

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Note: You need to make sure
comes first. Then you can have localhost
the reverse order will cause the installer to break, having 2 entries seems to be fine, but needs to be in the correct order.