Foreman 1.18 test week recap

Hello folks,

the test week for 1.18 is over, RC2 is out feel free to continue testing of course but let me recap what we have achieved. Foreman 1.18 test week

TL;DR - We haven’t found any blockers, one critical bug around OpenStack was already fixed in RC2. On behalf of all testers, I am giving Foreman 1.18 a go! :wink:

Let’s dig in more detail. Bug reports which are all 1.18 candidates:

I would like to ask component owners for triage (set “Triage” flag and Release fields in RedMine), fix delivery and @tbrisker for coordination of patch delivery for those which turns out to be blockers.

Bugs already fixed in 1.18 RC2:

Non critical bug reports or RFEs filed:

Other relevant work:

People who changed the checklist in no particular order:

Of course we had people participating with no changes or comments for already covered scenarios. Thank you all of you.

Extra achievement - we installed and enabled checklist plugin for discourse, looks it is working correctly so you can start using that for other things, errands or todos.

Looks like Foreman 1.18 is gonna be solid release.